Join Us!

If your interested in being a cover artist and working with OG Covers we’d love to have you. We like to work with a small community of designers so we can manage style preferences and request, but are always interested in having other great artist work with us.


How does it work?

We use a cloud service for our files. Once you’re in the circle of awesomeness we will provide you with a login to upload artwork (the working files and jpegs).

Pre-Designed Covers:

  • Create whatever your heart desires. We’ll put your cover on the website and price it as you request.
  • Commission for predesigned covers will on a variable scale to offer a better payout to the artist/designer. For covers $99 or below artist receives 65% of total sale price. Covers priced between $100-$299 artist recieves 75% of sale price. Anything $300 and above artist will receive 85%
  • For predesigned cover we request that the artist use google fonts for text. This ensures that we will have that font for changing author name and title of the books. We also request that all images used are purchased from a reputable stock photography site unless custom photography is used (the stock photos need to be included in the books folder).

Pre-Designed Covers:

  • OG Covers will be in contact with the author to get details for the books. We will submit the information that is needed for the cover art to the artist we feel is best for the project. If further questions about the book come up we will contact the author to get the answers, however we are confident that this will not be the case as we have a detailed spec sheet for authors to fill out.
  • Commission for custom covers will be set based on package purchased. Level 1 ($245-$395): Artist will receive 70% of sale price. Level 2 ($545-$745): Artist will receive 80% of sale price. Level 3 ($845-$1070): Artist will receive 90% of sale price. We will work with the artist for setting prices on custom covers. For full custom projects we will negotiate pricing based on needs.
  • For custom covers we don’t have any requirements on fonts or images as long as they are obtained legally and are within the rights provided upon purchase.


Artist/Designers will be paid in either of two methods. At the end of the month, or per cover sold. This depends on the cover artist preferences, and amount of sales.

If you interested in creating some amazing cover designs with us email us at things to include in your email are: Your full name, brief info about you ( so we can get to know the person behind the pen, Skype name ( if you have it), google hangouts email ( if you use that), phone number (state whether it’s a cell or land line. If you can get text or not), and an alternate email if you use more than one email for any reason. Good to know things are where you are located because we do not want to contact you at certain parts of the day and want to respect normal hours of work or the hours that work for you to be contacted. Knowing where you are in the world helps us keep this in check.

Hope to hear from you soon!